Equine Bovine

Equine Bovine

equine-bovine • artificial insemination • increased fertility rates
training • semen freezing, reproductive physiology • genetic consulting
ensured quality • increased marketability • sustainable animal breeding

Equine Bovine

Case Study:

Established successful Artificial Insemination Centre for Bovine, Ovine, Equine and Caprine.

A) Designed a barn-collection area
B) Setup a Laboratory for processing semen
C) Trained Technicians and Staff on effectively running the Centre using the state of arts technology and ensured the quality of the products equalled International standards

We are pleased to work with Yassin Ramadan for the duration of this time and are extremely happy with the results. He sets and maintains exceptionally high standards for quality. This translates into successful breedings and happy customers. His expertise has enabled us to offer our customers frozen semen from a number of stallions. He is truly a professional and a leader in his field.

David Heffering – Tara Hills Stud, Port Perry, ON

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